Life in the Fast Lane

Well, I've decided that when I was working a paying job, I was disillusioned about what life would be like when I became a mum. For one thing, I thought life would be slower, with relaxing mornings and more time to do things around the house...after all, I would be home a lot more!!! All the mum's out there are shaking their heads I'm sure at my naivete!!

After being a mum for 2 years and 11 months plus some days, I have come to the conclusion that I was very silly!!! Not only do I now work harder with two little kiddies, but it never stops - no time for that smoko break, no option to take the phone off the hook so I can just get something done that requires a certain amount of concentration and no holidays!!!!

BUT I wouldn't change it for the world, the holidays are actually better because there is more to entertain us (Thomas & I) than just us, the phone gets ignored even when it is on the hook (because we are telling very exciting stories in TJ's bed which just cannot be interrupted) and the smoko break isn't an official break, but you do get to have more little snacks during the day.

Ah the memories, of the days of the unhurried, switch-offable, paid, exhaustible income, weekend sleepin, working life....

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