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I spent some time today updating this blog. Unfortunately in changing comment systems I have lost the old comments...this is really sad for me as I have appreciated all the feedback I've got to date (in one whole year of blogging), but my hope is that moving forward the site will be better and more durable, so that your comments will be around in the years to come.

The old search has gone, and I'm still deciding what to do about my blogroll - I've removed it for now. Olivia came up with a great new name for the blog after me wanting to change it for months. I took a great Blogger generic template and modified it slightly to get this new look.

There'll still be tweaking to come, but the song (or type of stuff you're likely to read on the site) remains the same. Enjoy!

Ain't the weather amazing!

I don't know about you, but the weather plays a huge part on whether or not I rise happy or grumpy!!! I groan and moan every step to the kitchen in winter, when the sky is dark and cloudy, and need the heater on straight away.

On mornings like we are experiencing at the moment in Melbourne (sunny, clear skies and very mild - optional heater use), I bounce out and happily get TJ juice, breaky and big kisses!!!

Amazingly, I have noticed recently, it seriously affects my moods during the whole day - sun means happy (99 percent of the time), and yicky weather means not so happy or grumpy.

"Bring on summer" I hear my whole family cheer!!!

Looking at Primary Schools

TJ is nearly three, so in preparation for Primary School (after he turns 5), Olivia decided to start looking around at the local schools. The catch: she did it on the internet.

I was alerted to her activity late last night after hearing cries of "Ugh! Times New Roman!" and "Under construction...this whole site is under construction!"

However, Olivia's most vehement criticism was reserved for the school that did not even have a website: "We're not sending our kids there!" (and she wasn't joking).

I know we'll do more research and visit schools in person as the time gets closer, and I realise that it was just a first look, but it left an impression of that school for good or for bad.

Was Olivia expecting too much? I don't think so...

Olivia's A Blogger Now

Please welcome to the blog-o-sphere, my beautiful wife Olivia! She's now going to be blogging a bit more (whenever she gets time) on Christian Computing. The name change is still in the works, and perhaps a color change is required too? Just in case you're wondering, I have enjoyed my solo 230+ posts and have been doing this for nearly a year, so I definitely plan to continue (my IT-focused blog at is going well too).

Look for the "Liv" byline on posts for some of Olivia's wit & wisdom.

Life in the Fast Lane

Well, I've decided that when I was working a paying job, I was disillusioned about what life would be like when I became a mum. For one thing, I thought life would be slower, with relaxing mornings and more time to do things around the house...after all, I would be home a lot more!!! All the mum's out there are shaking their heads I'm sure at my naivete!!

After being a mum for 2 years and 11 months plus some days, I have come to the conclusion that I was very silly!!! Not only do I now work harder with two little kiddies, but it never stops - no time for that smoko break, no option to take the phone off the hook so I can just get something done that requires a certain amount of concentration and no holidays!!!!

BUT I wouldn't change it for the world, the holidays are actually better because there is more to entertain us (Thomas & I) than just us, the phone gets ignored even when it is on the hook (because we are telling very exciting stories in TJ's bed which just cannot be interrupted) and the smoko break isn't an official break, but you do get to have more little snacks during the day.

Ah the memories, of the days of the unhurried, switch-offable, paid, exhaustible income, weekend sleepin, working life....

Family at Queen Victoria Market

Mummy, Maya & TJ at Queen Vic Market - July 2004

Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne is a pretty big market that runs each weekend. It's a well-known tourist attraction that Olivia and I get to once every two or three years.

We took Maya and TJ this time on a bright sunny day in the middle of winter, and we bought a beanie for Maya, a $7 Collingwood scarf for me (we could have paid as much as $8.50, so I think we got a really classy product for a bargain price) and a placemat for TJ. No donuts, laments my wife in the background as I write.

A memorable trip that I'm sure we'll repeat in the future.

Olivia on Music

My wife got so excited about blogging that she has "submitted" another entry to her "editor" (me):

Do you have a particular song that just "takes you back"?

I know from psychology that music is a very powerful emotion-stimulant - it can be positive or negative. Is there a song that you have with a loved one that reminds you of the other? One for Thomas and I is "Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure. Another song that really affects me is “When I call on Jesus” by Nicole C. Mullins. It was getting a lot of air play when September 11th happened, and is like a "music rainbow" for me. It reminds me that there is hope amidst horror, and that God is the Victor with a reward far beyond any of my wildest imaginations.

September 11 was emotional and traumatic for most everyone in the world, especially for those directly involved with loved ones. I had a slightly different slant than most, because TJ was born on the 7th of September 2001, and he was just 4 days old when it all happened. All of a sudden I was wondering what kind of life our little baby would grow up to have, if even the world would be around for him to grow up in. Knowing Jesus was a huge comfort to me at that time, and the song really voiced the hope I found in Him.

Movie Review: I, Robot

I was a big fan of science fiction when I was a kid but have not read sci-fi for a couple of years now. However, I still get sucked in to a good movie.

"I, Robot" was a good movie. Judging from the trailer it looked a bit computer-generated (in a bad way) and like a big action movie (there's a clip of Will Smith with a machine-gun, mowing down bad robots), and Olivia was put off by the thought of a dumb kind of movie with no plot. I was hopeful that some kind of Isaac Asimov stuff would make it in there, such as interesting situations that are only possible in the realm of science fiction, or thoughtful looks at the implications of having robots as part of day-to-day life or whether created machines can have a "soul".

As it turned out it the movie was very computer-generated but looked OK, had some great action sequences and as an added bonus had a reasonable plot. Will Smith plays a detective who doesn't like robots, tracking down a suspected murderer that's a robot. Add to that the fact that all robots by design must follow the "3 Laws", the first of which is that a robot cannot harm a human. There's twists and turns, and there's even interesting questions raised like can a robot feel and can a robot dream or have free will (so I was happy). Olivia was happy because we had a "date" together, and she thought Will Smith looked kind of "buff".

I reckon going to see something on the big screen makes it stand out, as opposed to seeing it on video, and as a result Olivia and I both rated "I, Robot" 9 out of 12.

And, thanks Mum & Dad for looking after the kids!


Go Pies!

My look into the future: Collingwood (ladder position 11) vs Fremantle (ladder position 6)...Collingwood winners by 11 points? Could it happen?

Messenger now web-based

I've never been a huge user of instant messenger-style software, but I do admit it has its uses. Microsoft has developed a web-based version of their Messenger that at least means nothing has to be installed on your computer, available at (via Neowin).

Work-wise, I've even read advice by people in business that recommend you don't send e-mails less than 5 words, instead send an instant message. They also say that IM can be a useful tool with teams that aren't in the same location.

Play-wise, I would only use IM because my phone line is tied up by being on the net, and I'd only send it to people I know anyway if I knew they were online.

Hmmm, something to think about...

Hannah Nicola

Congratulations to my brother Nathan and his wife Nicola on the arrival of their new baby girl, Hannah Nicola, born 11:05 this morning (Thursday August 5th, 2004). Hannah weighed in at a beautiful 7lb 15oz (I think that's around 3.6 kgs), she has a medium amount of jet-black hair and is 51.5cm long. She's Nathan & Nic's second, their first being the gorgeous Isaiah.

Well done Nicola, I know that you, Nathan and Isaiah will get plenty of joy from your new addition!

I'm looking forward to photos...

Magpies vs Cats, Collingwood Loses and my Dad is Happy

Olivia, my parents and I went to the footy a couple of weeks ago to see a lacklustre Collingwood (my team) get beaten by a young Geelong side (my Dad's team).

A night at the footy, Collingwood & Geelong - July 2004

My fourth time to go to the footy, and the best yet. Still waiting to go to a Bombers game, Simey!

I realise the heading of this post isn't going to make sense to those who don't follow Australian Rules football. I'm sorry!


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