A Trip To The City

TJ has been reminding me for a week to blog about our trip to the city, and I keep forgetting. Silly Daddy! So without further ado, here's our story:

Two Saturdays ago we drove to Kooyong station (6 stops from Flinders Street - enough to enjoy the ride, not too long as to get frustrated for not being 'there' yet) and then caught the train to Melbourne Central for a mornings' shopping at the Queen Victoria Market. We did lots of walking and pushing the pram onto and off trams, but I seem to remember we only bought a Collingwood scarf for our troubles! Olivia had packed a lunch that we ate at the Spencer Street end of Southbank, and then we were off to our afternoon adventure - the "Polly Woodside".

The Polly Woodside is a 19th-century ship permanently berthed right near Southbank. We kept our plans a surprise from TJ but as we got closer to the Yarra he noticed the fast boats and the little boats, and eventually saw the "big" boat, which is where we were heading. We all had a good time although the pram couldn't get onto the ship, so Olivia and I took turns to explore with TJ and sit with a sleeping Maya. We rang the ship's bell, walked around inside the hull and checked out the captain's quarters.

At $11 per adult I reckon we got our money's worth. We were there for about an hour and a half, and aside from the Polly Woodside itself there was a museum with a history of the docks and a look at what conditions would have been like at the turn of the (last) century. I had naively expected the Polly Woodside to be a beautiful wooden ship and I was a little disappointed to find she was an ex-coal boat, but being able to go inside the huge body and get into every corner of the ship was exciting anyway.

Mummy, Maya, TJ, thanks for a great day in the city!

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