Translation to lesser-known dialects

If you've ever wanted to translate your website to poetry, try "Rob's Amazing Poem Generator" for educated, polished prose. Conversely, to get a phrase into Jive (like B. A. Baraccus from the A-Team), try the "The Jive Server".

Both of these via Abraham Mathew - thanks Abraham!

As an example, here's this post in Jive:

If you've eva' wanted t' translate yo' website t' poetry, try "Rob's Amazin' Poem Generata'" 4 educated, polished prose. Converse-like, t' git some phrase into Jive (down low, likes B. Some. Baraccus from da Some-Taim), try da "Da Jive Serva'".

Bot' o' dese-he'ah via Abraham Mathew - thanks Abraham! No diggety.


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