Mucking Around With Google

Tonight Olivia and I were mucking around with Google, trying to find any other Olivia Williams's on the web. It took a search that looked like:

before we could find any web pages that were not about the little-known actress Olivia Williams!

That above search says "find pages with the words olivia williams in them (not necessarily next to each other), without the words: movie, film, celebrity, cinema, movies or postman". Why "postman"? She was in the supposedly awful Kevin Costner film "The Postman" (taking out that word alone saved a lot of time).

However, searching for the words "Maya Marijke Williams" (with the quotes) returns one hit - mine. "Thomas Williams" (without the quotes) has gone up to 7 million pages (from 5 million when I last looked 6 months ago).

Well I thought it was fun!

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