Guest Writer: Olivia

Today I invited my wife to be a guest poster. Over to you, Olivia!

Hey guys - this is Olivia speaking. I am the wife of the handsomest man on
earth. No, not Matthew McConaughey, but Thomas Williams.

Being an at home mum, lovingly supported by Thomas, is full of love, laughter, yelling and time outs. It gets very frustrating and I long to jump up and down sometimes (often), but knowing that TJ would get in trouble if he did it and that restrains me!!

Today I want to write about TJ's mispronunciations:

Whipper Snipper - nipper bopper
McDonalds - Macdondalds
Lawn Mower - lawn mowermow
Helicopter - helichopper
clothes horse - washing machine line
Guitar - 'tar (he "pings" his 'tar)
Grandma and Grandpa - gramma gramma
Grandpa and Grandma - grampa grampa
Maya Marijke - Maya Rayka (Marijke is actually pronounced Mar-ray-ka)

His best "quotable quote" to date is:

We were talking about the nuts we liked, and I said I like Brazil nuts,
Thomas said he like peanuts as long as they weren't salted, and TJ pipes up
with "I like Doughnuts!".

I love it!!!!

TJ will get a toy for Maya and then say to her, "Say thank-you Maya", and then put on a high pitched little voice (with the facial expressions to match) and reply to himself "Thankyou TJ". Afterwards, he'll excitedly jump up and say to Mummy or Daddy "Maya said thankyou!"

Little Maya is also growing up very fast. She is already 6 and 3/4 months, and loves to throw herself back in your arms to make you swing her through the air before you pick her up. And she has the most infectious giggle!! She is already very cheeky, and I am looking forward to when she is moving (I know, I'm nuts!). I think she and TJ are going to have a blast!!

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