Finding Nemo

A while back I wrote about our video collection. My favorite "kids" video is by far "Finding Nemo". I reckon "Toy Story 2" is the best written kid's movie we've got - it's fast-paced, has memorable characters, pitches jokes at levels children can understand, and is exciting - but Nemo has a better story and a great message (in addition to the things I mentioned from Toy Story, except the story's more complicated and a bit slower). I think TJ's favorite is Toy Story 2. Depends what day you catch him on.

I really like the father/son interaction in Nemo (hey, I'm a daddy after all) and I get tears in my eyes towards the end where Dory is pleading with Nemo's dad Marlin to not leave, and where Nemo is found (sorry if that spoilt it for anyone). I laugh at the jokes. I'm amazed at the visuals. The voices are fantastic (Bruce the shark stands out here).

And one of the key things I mentioned above, is I reckon the humour and indeed the whole story is aimed at kids. I don't know how TJ and Maya think, and I'm surprised that TJ enjoys "The Simpsons" even though we never let him watch it, but I like that they're not being exposed to the type of inuendo and double-meanings I see in lots of other kids movies (I hated "The Grinch", and while I enjoy "Shrek", it does have a lot of inuendo). Well done Pixar for a good kids movie, for kids.

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