I don't know about you, but every so often it seems like I need to lose some weight. Maybe I lost track of what I was eating, maybe I changed my lifestyle and cut out some exercise, maybe I got a bit older; for whatever reason, now I need to trim back a bit.

I've heard that if you diet, you'll usually put the weight back on in 2 years. Sadly this has held true for me. I also occasionally get depressed that I feel like my weight swings from low to high - usually what counters this is that by doing nothing, I seem to either stay at the same weight or gain weight.

Anyway, it's time to diet. Olivia is favouring the "FastTrack" diet, we've done the "Liver Cleansing Diet" in the past and I've also done Weight Watchers. Today I saw a good post at KC Lemson's blog on "The science of weight loss " which had some good basics for me to remember, and also some links to scientific information on dieting.

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