So what can you expect from a nearly 3-year-old?

As each event or landmark occurs in the life of your children, I reckon you think that you'll remember them, just the way they are, for ever. But I know I struggle to remember what T.J. was like when he was only 6 months old (which Maya nearly is), so I thought I'd write down for posterity what my nearly 3 year old boy is up to.

In terms of language he often asks us questions based on the words we've just uttered - if I say "OK, time to hit the road, Jack" he'll query me with "Time to hit the road, Jack?", putting the proper inflection at the end of the sentence. He uses words like "certainly" if I ask him if I can share his drink (he even offers to let me share his drink!) and "actually" to correct me on something we're discussing. He sings the alphabet with us (not that he knows each letter, but more like the words to a song) and has conversations on the phone, asking questions that he's heard us ask (like "How's your day going, Daddy?"). Other phrases include "I can't memember", "Be very careful on the road, Daddy", "Mum, Maya's bit crying" (der) and "I had such a good sleep".

He likes listening to music and either "pinging" his (air) guitar or playing on his drums (a stool, a car seat, the floor, a toy, anything really). Grandma told me the other day that he played his electronic organ with one finger per key, not bashing the living electrons out of it with both hands. And unfortunately I can report that T.J. shows a preference for the music I listen to, from Paul Colman to Moby to POD.

He has a great memory. Today I looked after Maya and him for half a day while Olivia went out. I mentioned to him that when Mummy had gone, and Maya was in bed, we could play the computer...the minute Olivia had closed the door to leave he reminded me of this fact! Tonight I told him that I'd read him "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" in the morning and when he woke up he could bring me the book for me to read. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

In terms of personality Olivia and I have noticed he's got a great sense of humour, running the gamut of making fart noises with his mouth to changing the lyrics of songs ("Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, poo poo poo") to making up new words like "berm" and "plops" and "poom pump" and anything really. When he wants something, to soften the blow on his parents he prefaces the request with "We might...". I don't know how many times I respond with "We might not..." ("Amen brother", says my beautiful wife sitting beside me as I write).

He has a habit of running away when we call him to get dressed. He is "such a big boy" in helping Mummy do the dishes, set the table and helping change Maya's nappy and giving her toys. The other day he said "I might even put some butter [and] jam on my bread with my penguin knife" (a special knife we got him for Christmas years ago), and he spread his own lunch!

Yep, he's big, but not too big that he doesn't like to still be tickled and sang to, snuggled and held hands with. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

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