Shower and Shave

I don't quite know how I learned to groom myself growing up, but I do know enough to know that I don't know a lot about it. Just the other day I learned what the difference is between deodorant and anti-perspirant and the correct situations to use them from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

Ah, the beauty routine of a lazy guy: I went through a whole lot of pimple repulsors/grime removers/foaming face washes/zit killers as a late teenager. I remember quite distinctly going to a party up in the bush with a friend of mine and sleeping at the party hall for the night. As I was getting changed and removing my shirt another bloke there spied a pimple on my back, that he said was "big as a golf ball", and that he'd never seen one like it. I know my brothers had similar experiences with oily skin, acne and pimples.

So to my point. I've been getting pimples and ingrown hairs around my neck that I reckon are caused by shaving. I tried growing a beard once (previously, the best way I found to treat it was when I was in Uni with the George Michael permanent 5 o'clock shadow). On a whim, before going home the other day I googled for "reducing shaving rash" to find some advice on shaving rash that said I should shave with the grain (not against it), shave after my shower when my skin is warm and wet and not use the triple-blade shavers that actually try and shave my hairs underneath the skin (by pulling them up with a rubber strip, lopping the hairs off and then letting the hair sink back in). Cool!

I'm sorry if this post has grossed out most of the three readers I've got. But it's important I ask the hard questions! Any more suggestions?

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