Long Weekend, or Adventures of TJ

This weekend just gone was a long weekend (Queen's Birthday). We got to have a sleep in till 8:45 on Monday, we had friends around for a relaxed Sunday night dinner followed by "Monsters, Inc." for the kids, and on Saturday took some rubbish to the dump.

Saturday after all our hard work of taking the rubbish and getting a compost bin one of the highlights of the weekend (for me) happened. We stopped at a service station/McDonalds/Red Rooster/coffee shop so we could have a coffee and TJ could play in the playground.

First, to lay the groundwork. I'd previously taken TJ for a date to this Macca's playground.

Flashback: we arrive there on that fateful day, there's 5 or so kids playing on the playground (good, so no-one could bowl over my 2.5 year-old), and there was a spot for me to sit and enjoy a cappucino near the playground door. TJ hesitatingly started to crawl into the playground, but couldn't get up on the first ladder. At was at this point that another kid told me that someone had spewed inside the playground, and that was why TJ wouldn't go in. Yuck!

After the vomit got cleaned, I coached/coaxed TJ onto the play equipment, noting the sign which said "4 Years And Over". With me talking him up the first ladder, he gets onto the first level and has a look around for the slide entrance. We work out that it's actually further up on the 2nd level.

TJ and I talked about it and he said he "tan't" ("can't") get up to the second level, so we agreed that we'd go to another playground. No problems. We talked about that maybe he was too little, and the playground would better suit some of his friends who are already in school.

OK, end flashback, and fast forward to the weekend just gone...he did it! Once again I was the proud dad coaching him through the first ladder (easy) and on to find the second ladder. I didn't hear from him for a couple of seconds, and then, whoosh, down the slide he goes. After that he didn't need any prompting to do it again.

My big son, I'm proud of you.

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