Back Online

Well, here I am back after a week of self-imposed "no blogs" (plus two busy days here at work), in which I didn't even look at a blog (let alone my blog). This was spurred in part by Olivia's Grandad (Opa) Con passing away on Sunday May 23rd which bought for me sadness and a level of distraction at work (stopping blogging was one way to keep things simple). Also was a rising sense of being flooded with information on my part, and the need to step away and see if it was/is worth it.

After my hiatus, I can say it is worth it for me to keep reading blogs, although I did seem to use my time last week that would usually be spent reading & writing blogs to actually communicate with my friends or get out of the office (both good things). On my return to blogdom, I had around 2000 new entries waiting for me (I only read a select handful, and skipped the rest). That's almost too much! I need to get better at skimming text to get through my blog reading.

OK, back to normal transmissions...

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