What Makes Me Do What I Do

Micahel asks (and answers) questions on an interesting theme: what makes you tick? OK, here's my answers to these questions:
What kind of work would you do if you got paid in the juice you get from your job, rather than money? (i.e., what jobs would light your fire in a big way?)
Um, writing computer programs, and playing with technology in general. I'd have to be a little task-focused; I couldn't just free-wheel behind a computer all day, but I do love exploring around the edges of technology on the net and incorporating that into a program that makes people go "wow!"
If you had to choose a career that had nothing to do with any of the work you've done thus far in your career, what would would it be?
Pilot or astronaut. Imagine flying in space...cool!
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
See above. When I was 12 or so, I had an eye test that showed I had a slightly bung left eye, and couldn't be a pilot. I cried that day (and night), and I guess I never really made my mind up about anything else until a lot later in life.
List five things you love doing, work or play.
Reading, playing guitar, spending time with family & friends, playing stimulating brain games (I guess that's my job!) and watching movies.
Pick one of those things. Why is that so much fun?
Reading I guess has an element of fun, but that's not why I love doing it. Reading good books (I'm thinking of novels/short stories here) just sucks you in to a whole different universe. And once you've read a good book, it's hard not to tell everyone you know about it.
What do you like most about your current job?
The ability to do a bit of techno-browsing and researching new things, more or less autonomy in my work and time management, and writing reports or screens or whatever that other people use, and want to use.
What do you like the least about your current job?
Doing one-off data analysis, or setting up a system that no-one uses. Yuck.

What about you?

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