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The Weblogger Meetup last night (the first I've ever been to) was good. I went picturing myself as a junior blogger, and it turned out to be true: A (one of the guys there, I won't use his name because he doesn't on his site dev.null.org) registered his domain in 1995 and started blogging in 1999, and Brian (at realityloop.com) started in 2001.

I mentioned I didn't use the internet until 1997 or so at Uni, and even then stayed away until 6 months into my first year because I didn't have the time or was too scared.

The food was sensational, the setting was probably ideal, and there was interesting conversations about blogging tools, blogging styles, how to pick a topic, favorite other bloggers, number of blogs read daily, etc. One thing that came up was that both these guys wrote their own blogging software (like a Jedi making his own lightsabre), and I confessed I used Blogger (the most basic blogging tool around).

A & Brian, if you read this, I enjoyed meeting you last night, I'm spewing there weren't more attendees, but thanks for letting me pick your brains - now I know physically 3 other people that blog!

Interesting first question that came up: what's your site? "What's your name" came a little later, followed (a lot later) by "what do you do?"

So, would I go to another meetup? Hmmm...it was good meeting a couple of fellow Aussie bloggers, but like Brian mentioned, unless it gets a bit bigger then it's probably a no-goer. I wonder how people would come across the Meetup site anyway? I'll definitely keep my eye on the site and see how many people are supposed to come to the next one in June.

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