Ghandi's Seven Deadly Social Sins Relevant

Post-Modern Pilgrim posted about Ghandi's Seven Deadly Social Sins, which are:

   Politics without Principle,
    Wealth without Work,
     Commerce without Morality,
      Pleasure without Conscience,
       Education without Character,
        Science without Humanity,
         Worship without Sacrifice.

As he points out, I reckon these are pretty close to timeless truths. The things on the right are so value-laden, aren't they? Like, what is good character? If you ask a lot of people, you'll get a lot of answers.

Is it good character to lie to preserve a friendship or to avoid offending someone (I've been told it's sometimes better to lie, so you don't hurt people)? Is it sacrifice to give up a Sunday that what Ghandi is getting at about worship? Hmmmm...

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