The Apprentice Starts To Interest

After hearing about this "reality TV" show for a while from my US-based reading, I finally watched an episode (week 3) last night. I have to say I really enjoyed it (far better than trying to get my modem to work under Linux).

The show's premise is that a 8 or so girls and the same number of guys are vying for a one-year CEO role at one of Donald Trump's companies. They are split into gender teams, and each week the teams are given a task. One member of the losing team is "fired". The last one standing, wins!

Last night's task was making the most savings when buying 10 items - a golf club, a gold bullion bar, a leg wax, calamari, etc. The show had an element of being "Big Brother with a boss" in terms of back-biting, rivalry and general silliness, but it was really interesting to see management styles, conflict resolution (or lack of it, last night) and some of the guys (who eventually lost, sorry for the plot spoiler) trying to ensure they weren't fired.

I'll be watching next week, and I'll be interested to see if the same tactics that teams use to win a challenge actually might backfire in their consideration to be a CEO...

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