Frank Arrigo points out an Australian service QuickFlix, a DVD rental service for $8.50 a week where you can rent up to three DVD's at a time and they're posted out to you. When you're done, you return one, two, or all the DVDs in a reply-paid envelope and can get 3 more. No late fees, no leaving your home.

I reckon I'd do it if the price was a little lower. But I'd miss the dodging, ducking and weaving of the video shop, the hanging on to a good movie just in case you might want to watch it and the fishing for small change just to get a video to watch on a quiet Friday night. They have got a handy search facility and look to have a big library, though...

My 2 cents: in the future, video stores will be like libraries where you might pay a fee and then borrow as many as you like.

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