Maya Update

Our beautiful data Maya is 16 weeks old, and here's the stats as reported by her glowing mother (my wife) Olivia: weight - 17 pounds (7.71 kg), length - 66.9 cm.

Olivia also mentioned that TJ was the same length at 10 weeks, although at that 10 week mark he only weighed 16lb 4oz. Interestingly, at 16 weeks (the age Maya is now), TJ was 70cm long and weighed 19lb 1oz (8.65 kg). I told you I was going to give statistics!

I just caught myself using the words "length" for Maya and "height" for TJ, or rather "length" for a baby (you have to lay 'em down to get measured) and "height" for my little boy (who stands up against the wall to be measured). Strange.

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