I was OK at languages at school (I failed Year 12 Indonesian by 1 point!) but after High School I really started to enjoy languages. Pity I haven't put that enjoyment to better use!

Since leaving school I have had limited experience with Indonesian, German, Arabic, Korean and Japanese.

Out of my limited experience I found the most difficult langauge to be Japanese, because the characters are sooo different (Korean came a close second, but it is really well organised and only has 40 or so characters in it's alphabet). For me personally it's worth it to learn Korean as we have Korean blood in our family.

The most fun language is definitely pidgin English (spoken in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, etc.) as it is easy to figure out and has some cool words and phrases - "thankyou tomas" is "thankyou so much" (my name being Thomas, I thought I was being thanked all the time), "longway" is "far away" (repeat to increase distance, like "longway longway longway") and "pikinini" is "baby" which sounds pretty cute.

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