Iron John

John Eldridge, writer of "Wild At Heart" which I've commented on before, references a book called "Iron John" by Robert Bly a fair bit. I chased down this book at my local (Frankston) library, and I have to say, it was not worth it. It was hard to read, had esoteric references (hang on, better look that word up, is that what I mean, yes, OK, keep going) and far-out interpretations of growing up, and picked and choosed from any number of fables and mythologies and cultures to try and come up with a vision of men & manhood.

Bly's book re-interprets a Grimm brothers fairy-tale called "Iron John" (there's versions here and here) and tries to set the "principles" in the modern-day. As I skimmed over all of the book, bits of it resonated with my experience, but as I've said the rest was a mess.

I find it hard to believe that this could be the source of a good book - it seems like there's so little worth talking about!

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