Hidden Data in Word (2002/2003 Only)

For the security conscious: I was put on to a little utility called iDiscover™ that shows the "hidden" data that Word keeps against each document - in the later versions of Word, who's opened it, who's saved it, the original file location, and more (lots more, if you're tracking changes or keeping versions of the file). Microsoft have released a Remove Hidden Data Tool to remove all of this gunk, which can be downloaded at Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data.

Note that the hidden data doesn't affect Word performance. I didn't go through and remove all the data in all my Word files. It's just if you're putting stuff on the Internet or in other people's hands, where the above-mentioned information might be better off removed (this BBC article details a few of the more prominent abuses of Word hidden document stuff).

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