Brian Goldfarb points to a blog entry by Lenn that Brian refers to as "Rules of Evangelism". I'll summarise Lenn's "rules" below (the original post is entitled "Evangelism, dogma, rhetoric, and believing"):

Lenn’s 6 Evangelism Rules:

1.) Show and share, don’t preach and sell.

2.) Arm yourself with the facts, not hype or rhetoric

3.) Know thy competition intensely. How can you convince someone of something that you have no knowledge of?

4.) Don’t be afraid to admit it when you can do better. Nobody is perfect, have the confidence that you can do better and move on.

5.) Leave dogma and zealotry at the door, bring conversation, engagement, and follow through to the table.

6.) Share your enthusiasm. Share a vision. Paint a picture. Nothing is more convincing than genuine passion for a realistic and well understood idea (ie demos make the world go round, rhertoric slows it down).

What's so interesting about this? Lenn is a technology evangelist (an official job title)! I wonder if his points are valid for the more traditional, religious sense of the word "evangelise"?

It's weird to see words & phrases I traditionally associated with Christianity popping up in different places and contexts, like "The Dog-Lover's Bible", the top hits for a Google search for "Rock of Ages" (hint: they're not about the Rock of Ages), and Angel (a Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV spin-off). I think Christians still have gospel and grace...

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