Books I'm Reading, April 2004

I'm really happy I've finished Robinson Crusoe, and enjoyed it. Got some more "classics" (in my mind) to collect, it's fun looking at 2nd-hand book stores with $2.50 in your pocket!

Nearly finished Purpose-DrivenTM Life. I'm currently reading a couple of books from the library, How to Reassess Your Chess: The Complete Chess-Mastery Course and Classical Thought (a history of western philosophy from Homer to Augustine). The chess one is good, but heavy going - lots of words and not enough pictures! The philosophy book is really, really interesting (that's a high form of compliment from someone like me who doesn't know many superlatives) and is something I hope to keep learning about.

There's an interesting service called that scans weblogs looking for books linked back to Amazon, and includes that weblog entry with stuff about the book on their site. That way you can see what books other bloggers are reading & writing about (via KC Lemson).

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