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I mentioned a while back that Michelle did a survey of Christian bloggers. The results are up at Dialog: Breaking the Bubble.

Michelle writes some interesting stuff and states in her conclusion that Christian bloggers are in a kind of "bubble" (hence the title?) and that they link to other Christians but not other non-Christians, even if non-Christians link to them (and I'm summarising here). She makes the point that this does not promote "relationship" in the blogosphere, and Michelle is right: from my own experience, I know it's hard to find the time to link and read regularly those who don't share my interests and beliefs, even if they're interested in reading me. You'll see from my list of "Blogs I Read" that I read computer-related stuff (that's how I got into blogging), and other Christian blogs. There's not much middle ground there.

And this is OK because I've got to be selective, right? I read what I'm interested in, and other people read me if they're interested. But the downside is that I only hear what I already agree with if I can't find time to enter into discussions with others outside of that little circle. I think it was Scoble who mentioned that blogging is "1.5 way discussion" in that anyone can leave comments on a topic I've initiated, but can't initiate a discussion on a topic themselves.

Something to keep thinking about. As much as I dislike the word "non-Christian" (there's other words like "unchurched" that seem to be more accurate), I know in my mind there's a clear line for me outside of non-work blogs between Christian and non-Christian.

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