Art Exhibition at Real Life

Yesterday at Real Life's Sunday morning meeting we had an art exhibition to help think about Easter in a different way (than just talking or reading). We printed off a whole lot of pictures in A4 size in color from Olga's Gallery, blacked out the windows, played some instrumental music and used little desklamps for light. Thanks to Brad, Ian, Jan, and Beau, a fantastic Blu-Tac art gallery was created in no time!

All our guests were encouraged to walk around with a coffee and a friend and comment on the pictures. There was some good feedback as the pictures deal with scenes popularised by "The Passion" movie. Not quite so much blood or brutality, though. In Australia there's nothing that is as old as some of the works we displayed (some from 1300's, 1600's); meeting in a community centre as we do, sometimes I miss the "awe" that I imagine would accompany going to a great cathedral in Europe or other ancient site.

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