Alternative Names

What do you call a weblog that puts up items that are out of date? Weblag! I thought of that all by myself this morning. Oh, the, hilarity, ho ho ho.

Or an idiot who has a weblog? Oh, don't answer that.

I notice that in my couple of months of writing here, I almost never go back and review stuff I wrote earlier. That seems to be one of the downsides of writing a journal: only the most current entries are of interest. I don't go back and check comments on posts that dribble off the main page (into an archive), so if you do want to ask about something you can e-mail me directly.

A web site, with the ability for a bit more organisation than just "newest on top" might be better for collecting related bits of thought. Although I reckon some other blog software has got it right; for instance, Darren at LivingRoom has some nice features on his blog like ability to have longer posts continue on another page (e.g. "Read More..."), categorised postings and a "Hot Topics" index on his main page. Nice.

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