Stuck On You

Olivia and I went and saw "Stuck On You" with some friends on Friday night. It was a good movie, not merely slapstick-funny as I thought, but on into a story also. Probably the only thing that prevented it from being a great movie is moments of lewdness that I reckon weren't worth the laughs they may have generated. Other films in the same vein are "Something About Mary" and "Rushmore".

It was funny to see Matt Damon, who I have really liked in other movies, in a comedy (albeit being the "straight guy"). Meryl Streep and Cher were both funny - Cher plays a loathsome woman, but after the film I reflected that an actor or actress that can make you "feel" something about their character is doing a good job.

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Aside: I saw the preview to this movie a couple of months ago with two mates. One laughed during the preview, the other didn't. Same sick sense of humour!

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