Reading Right Now, March 5th

Here's what I'm reading right now:
The Purpose-Driven LifeThe Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren
Currently about 1/4 of the way through. This book has produced mixed feelings in me - I see it as valuable when I'm able to reflect on the questions, but I find it lacks challenge and for me feels a bit more "feel-good" than other studies I've done. It tries to address the question "Why am I here?"

Olivia's also reading it, as are a few friends of ours. I still don't know whether I really like the book or not...
Wild At HeartWild At Heart by John Eldredge
Only started reading this the other day, wow, it has really got me thinking and I've even read bits out to the wife. It looks at manliness and a man, sort of coming from the point of view of "Is the highest aim we can achieve in our lives is to be a Really Nice Guy?"

This question has got me thinking, and while I don't agree with all the book has to say so far I am enjoying it.
The Man In The MirrorThe Man In The Mirror by Patrick Morley
I've been reading this over a period of about two months. It talks about the different problems men face - pride, anger, fear (and others) - and how a Christian man is to deal with them. One of the main themes is that "it's impossible to win the rat race - so why try and run it?"

I am enjoying the book and the way it's written, and I reckon it'd be good to do the study questions with someone sometime.

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