Ocean Grove Holidays

Well, back, refreshed and rested, from our holidays at Ocean Grove Holiday Park near Geelong, Victoria.

What a great holiday! Perfect autumn weather, beaches, shops, afternoons spent playing chess, talking and reading while the kids slept, and a ride on the ferry home.

The last day we spent in Geelong, where there was an Ulysses motorcycle club AGM happening. There were thousands of bikes and riders of all shapes and sizes from all over Australia, many wearing black leathers (with the club's motto "Grow old disgracefully" as membership is restricted to people 40 old and up). It was great to see all the bikes (TJ loved it) and to see a lot of man-and-woman couples riding together (Olivia thought that was sweet).

I was also touched by a moving rendition of the national anthem sung to the tune of Cold Chisel's "Working Class Man", a big Australian hit from the 80's. I thought, when was the last time I sung the Australian anthem? It is pretty much reserved for big sporting events. To see a large group of people stand up for it to start their AGM was pretty cool.

Maybe I was moved by the desire to be in a "gang". Hmmm...

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