While I was at Borders in Chadstone the other day I spent some time in the music section. I was looking for some good background music, some beats, some loops, something different. I don't know anything about the "Dance" scene - which was the section I found myself in - and I eventually found a Moby album, which was someone I'd at least heard of. In Borders you can listen to the first 30 or so seconds of every song on every album (great!) so I listened to a few of his albums, mainly "Play" and "18" because I'd heard some of the tunes on the radio.

I don't know what it was about the music - it immediately struck me as moody and evoked emotions in me as I was standing in the shop. When I saw a double pack with both of those albums, I decided I'd get it. As I walked out I felt like I was holding something really "cool" and trendy.

To cut a long story short, I've had them on pretty much non-stop since Saturday and am loving both albums. They're different musically than the music I have listened to in the past (guitar-driven rock, tending towards the "heavy" side) but I am really enjoying them, especially "Play". Even now I still feel like I'm onto something "cool"...

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