Maya-Maya-Moo, where are you?

Sometimes I guess I get distracted on this blog with boring stuff, or serious stuff. I have to say that when I'm not behind my computer I don't always think deeply about technology, humour or theology. I do think about and spend time with my family, though.

So, our little girl Maya is now two months old. I just had to write that she is such a good girl! She loves her bath and she smiles and goos and ahs, she feeds really well and sleeps really well also, even on the hot nights we've been having. Mummy loves dressing her in beautiful clothes. Mummy, Maya and Grandma are going shopping together (uh oh)! Grandma and Grandpa have been really great lately and have looked after the "kids" while Olivia and I have been able to get away to a couple of movies. Thanks grandparents!

T.J. loves holding her and giving her kisses on the head. Daddy loves every minutes he spends with her, especially her smiles and laughs at his antics.

Some photos soon, for our overseas readers...

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