Long Lost Friends, and Names

I guess through not being diligent, and probably being self-centred, and plenty of other stuff, I've lost contact with a lot of my friends from High School (some 13 years ago!) and Uni. Problem is I realise as I get older that the best friends are the ones you've got. I guess I felt for a few years in the middle I was looking for a best mate, but on reflection more walking along blindly ignoring those around me and not developing any meaningful relationships and definitely not getting my "mate" needs met.

As a starter step I thought I'd put a few names of people I know into Google, limit the results to Australia, and see if I could find what they'd been up to or how to get in touch. My friend the computer geek from grade 6 to about year 8: nothing. My friend the tough guy from about year 11 to year 12: a phone number. My friend the science guy from about grade 4 to year 9: an e-mail address. That's pretty good going, since my two best mates I keep in contact with.

Update: I wrote to Cameron whose e-mail address I found, and he wrote back. Thanks Cameron!

2nd Update: I hope my friends from years past don't do the same thing I did. Put "Thomas Williams" into Google, limited to Australia, and I couldn't find one that was me! However, I was "...a member of Captain Moonlite's bushranging gang...", a "...Designer BDes (Ind Des)", "...Wellington's Cardinal...", "...Court Justice..." and "...born about 1800 in Wolverhampton, England...". Remember: I am not unique, I am not unique...

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