Holiday Tales

My Mum and Dad came and spent one night with us on holidays. Good to have you Mum and Dad!

Here's some funny things that happened:

  • We booked the spa for an hour after the kids had gone to bed. Mum and Dad went there first, Mum came back after their time and said " was good, but the bubbles weren't great". When Olivia and I arrived to do our half-hour shift, Dad said he'd only just figured out how to put the bubbles on. So Olivia and I enjoyed a spa with bubbles (thanks Dad), but as we were about to leave we discovered we also could've dimmed the lights and had an exhaust fan running.

  • Olivia beat me in chess numerous times, which is great 'cause she's only been playing 3 months. One night I was totally obliterated by her. During the game, trying to excuse my erratic play, I told her I was trying to call her bluff when she took my queen (and subsequently won the game easily). She told me "you don't bluff with your queen". Wise words.

  • TJ and I went to build sandcastles one morning. A huge march fly chased me, and I did my mad fly dance trying to dodge it (also used for dodging bees and wasps). TJ wasn't worried about the bug: he carefully tried to follow in my footsteps on the sand, twisting and turning around!

  • TJ is great at suprising us with his nonchallant attitude (sometimes) when something important to him is broken or lost. He comes out with an "oh well", and just gets on with things. When I threw his one ball onto the roof, I was hoping he'd "oh well" it and do something else. When I mentioned we'd have to ask "the man" (meaning the holiday park gardener or something) to get it down with a ladder, he kept on reminding me about that, until I secretly climbed up on the car and got the ball down. Oh well!

  • The day we got there Olivia asked at the office to confirm our booking and having Mum and Dad as guests on the final night. I heard the lady behind the counter mention that this request was not on the books, and we'd have to move cabins and pay extra. Olivai took this really well, and after about 5 minutes of conversation and going back and forth we were nearly on our way to go back and get our receipt from the cabin when the lady said "Oh...forget everything I just said, I thought you were someone else!" Problem solved!

  • We had a two-bedroom cabin - one master bedroom, one with four beds (two bunks) and a sofa bed for our guests. When Olivia asked TJ which bed he wanted and she made him up his bed, he was so excited to be sleeping on a top bunk, he was saying "Thankyou thankyou thankyou mummy".
What a fantastic holiday...

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