Fat, Fat, Fat

From Yahoo News (via Chris Sells):

Inactive Americans are eating themselves to death at an alarming rate, their unhealthy habits fast approaching tobacco as the top underlying preventable cause of death, a government study found.


The underlying preventable causes of death were, in order: tobacco, poor diet and physical inactivity, alcohol, microbial agents, toxic agents, motor vehicles, firearms, sexual behavior and illegal drug use. Together, these accounted for about half of all 2.4 million U.S. deaths in 2000.

I was just told this morning that I was "bulking up". I'm 6'3"-ish (around 190cm) and weigh 108kg (238 pounds, 17 stones). I am a bit overweight...

Incidently, did you know that if you search for "190cm to inches" on Google (or a whole stack of other conversions), the correct answer will be returned above all the search results?

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