On the weekend I saw a great movie - Barbershop. Olivia didn't enjoy it much, she thought it was a bit of a nothing. I liked the film (I give it 8/12), and by way of review here's my fairly unprofessional opinion why.

The key thing that makes this film great for me is the portrayal of a gathering place, a third place, which in this film is the barbershop (I live in Australia and don't watch many films or even TV shows with this much look inside a level of American culture, so maybe this has been shown before, I don't know). At one point in the film one of the characters expresses his feeling that "if we can't be real at the barbershop, where can we be real?" I'm not going to hang around down at my local unisex salon, no, but the idea is one that resonates with me - aside from home and work, where can I "be real" with my mates?

The story is established quickly, uses a simple tale and keeps flowing well as we see the main character come to realise the value of things that can't be easily measured, like friendship & community.

The film is funny and uses humour well, and even though it's a different sort than Aussie humour, thankfully there's very little bad language, and no violence or sex. So the film ends up being a bit of a family film for teens & adults. And I'm sure a lot of the dialogue is unscripted or only roughly scripted!

In conclusion I guess it gelled with me because of what it portrayed more than how it was done. And I hear that a sequel is in the works...

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