I don't think I'm very smart. I almost never use sunscreen. Olivia uses it (I get to put it on her, which is either a treat or a pain, depending on what mood I'm in); TJ gets it liberally (it must be horrible for a kid to be sunburnt, because their parents didn't use sunscreen). I don't use it.

I know I grew up with the "tanned is good, tanned is healthy" kind of attitude. Maybe I figure I can't prevent any more damage than has already been done. Maybe I'm too lazy. Maybe I don't like the oily feel or horrible smell. I reckon I'm pretty healthy in other areas (I drink plenty of water, I shower regularly, I brush my teeth sometimes), but not this one.

All I know is I got mildly sunburnt yesterday at the beach in San Remo. We swam in the water near the pier for about an hour and a half, then spent 45 minutes looking at a classic/hot rod car show, all sans t-shirt. Ouch.

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