Public Internet Access

While I was on holidays I decided to check my main/update my blog from a public library. I've read about others who do the same on an ongoing basis; I'd planned it as a one off.

In the 45 minutes I was on the computer I visited 6 excruciatingly slow pages. I am certainly spoilt by the speed I get from work. Next time I have to check from on the road I think I'll try an internet cafe. I wonder what the prices will be like?

The one thing I did do in my 45 minutes (I had an hour, but I got some books instead), was to check some of my regular blogs. It's strange - I started off reading IT blogs exclusively last year, but when I was at the library I only checked my regular Christian blogs, and Dilbert. Now I'm back into the swing of things I'm reading both, but I didn't "catch-up" on the IT blogs for the time I was away because there were too many...

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