Physics in comic books

An article on Uncanny physics of comic book superheroes (via Chris Sells) tells of a University professor that uses pop culture (like comic books) to teach science. His classes address important questions like:
# Is it possible to read minds as Prof. X of the X-Men does?
# If Spider-Man's webbing is as strong as real spider silk, could it support his weight as he swings between buildings?
# Can the mutant master of magnetism Magneto levitate people using the iron in their blood?
# If you could run as fast as the Flash, could you run up the side of a building or across the ocean, and how often would you need to eat?

I wish I had been taught Physics that way. I dropped it after just a couple of weeks because it was so much like Maths, and I didn't really get along with the teacher (it's all about people, isn't it?)

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