Paul Colman Trio Concert Review

Well, Friday night (February 20th) was great. I left work early to take Olivia to the PC3 concert in Camberwell (a suburb of Melbourne) - thanks Mum for looking after the kids! Our excitement for this event had been building for months, and just early last week we heard that all the seats were going to be taken out to get more people in, raising the energy level even more. The doors opened at 7:30 and as we drove past in search of a KFC for dinner the line looked really long...

We got in just before 8:00, missed out on having Paul sign a CD by about 2 seconds (we bought "the official bootleg" CD recorded in '99) and then edged our way into the main hall. The band started at 10 past 8, with Paul, Phil and Grant and Jack Jones on lead guitar and [I'm not too sure] on keyboards and played (in no order):

  • Your Love, Big Blue Planet and I'll Be With You (all from the "One" album)

  • Selfish Song and Save My Soul (from "New Map of the World")

  • Turn, Sun-Stars-Moon/Amazing Grace, I Dream (from "Turn")

  • Dip (with the didgeridoo bit), Run (which morphed temporarily into George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"), Dear God, Your Sweet Voice, The Killing Tree, Fill My Cup (from "Serious Fun")

  • All U Need

A set list from the Brisbane show is at pc3fan Message Boards

I forget what song they opened with exactly, I reckon it was "Save My Soul" (doh! Olivia and I were having bets on what it would be, and we were both wrong). For the encore, they came back on and played "Solution" and "Into Your Arms" from "One". At the end of the show Paul brought out his baby girl Elizabeth, which Olivia loved. The band went off stage for the last time at around 10:30.

The concert was lots of fun. Paul talked about an upcoming PC3 DVD (and threw out a few sample copies into the crowd). There was a real sense of sadness at this being the last tour for the band (from them and the audience). One particularly funny bit happened about half way through where the band stopped and had champagne (non-alcoholic) and strawberries brought out for their wives. A personal wish eluded me as they didn't play "One" which is my favorite track from their last album. Spewing!

A great night. Thanks, Olivia. Thanks, PC3.

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