The Passion

I have a confession to make: I haven't seen "The Passion" yet.

It seems so controversial, so many for it, so many against. Some average reviews, which have been reviewed by others as people who "just don't get it".

I have enjoyed previous movies about Jesus in many ways. I have been emotionally affected and touched by the personal nature of a well-made film and imagine what it must have been like to see Jesus perform the miracles He did, and witness Him say the things He said. I am intrigued at how a film-maker sees Jesus and portrays Him, and I am fascinated by the difference between a movie=show or a movie=evangelical tool. I'm a movie lover. I'm probably going to see it.

Of course every time we put Jesus on the screen we fall far short. Just like every time we speak or write about Him - I know I can't do justice (until I'm in heaven) to what Jesus has done, let alone in my own life. I don't see this as a reason to stop talking or writing or making movies about Him, the One that deserves our praise/attention/adoration.

As far as opinion goes, there's plenty of articles to back the film (see the film's website, which also has merchandise), but it's interesting to note articles I found (I'm sure there's more) that really don't like the film at “The Passion”, Soul Food for Fat, Stupid Religionists and A Bible critique and alternative view of Mel Gibson’s movie about the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ’s life.

So here it is: my personal opinion is that this film is not the road to salvation for the rest of the world, or the cure-all for Christian outreach (yes, even before I've seen it). Jesus act of dying on the cross - the real thing - did the work. This film is not going to make more impact than that, hopefully it is going to bring people back to the actual event and consequences in our lives forever.

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