Rodney left a comment on my Maya Update post saying that before he had kids, other parents would warn him "You'll never get a good night's sleep again":

I do wonder about all those parents who warned us before we started a family. Did you get all the, "You'll never get a good night's sleep again." kind of comments?

So many people tried to make out that having kids ruins your life. Our experience is just the opposite.

I get those sort of comments too. Rodney, thanks for the encouragement. Hearing this sort of negative stuff makes it kind of hard to be happy about your kids around people that aren't having the same kind of time as you are. I often find myself feeling guilty about telling people something so simple as my 2.5 year-old going to the toilet on his own (well, possibly I do gloat).

Yet, it is also fun to commiserate with other parents about what's going on (e.g. temper tantrums). I have to watch that my sarcasm doesn't get me down...

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