New Year's Resolutions

I'm a bit behind in my New Year's Resolutions. I've got an idea of what I'd like to set, I just haven't got around to putting them on paper yet. I reckon my key thing is to improve on the skills I've got: I play guitar (I'd like to be able to read music), I write on this blog (I'd like to be able to write better - I used to love writing in High School*) and I play basketball (how can I get better at that? Play Simey more? Hmmmmm...)

I know one of the reasons I haven't finalised these ideas is that I'd have to start doing them, and that would take hard work. My other big one is to read the Bible every day. Hard work.

Any advice, hints, commiserations?

* My principal once said that one day there'd be books by Thomas Williams in a bookstore. Funny thing is, there is a Thomas Williams who's an author! (At least, I thought it was funny)

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