CDs I'm listening to (February 2004)

Here's the CDs that are in my stereo/PC/car, and what I think of 'em:
 Let Your Glory Fall (Phillips, Craig and Dean) - gemtle listening, with two original tracks and the rest covers of worship songs. The highlight is "How Deep The Father's Love For Us". This CD is Olivia's.
 Payable On Death (P.O.D.) - a Christmas present that has not really left my ears for more than a couple of days since Christmas. Thanks Mum! Great album, and a different, more melodic sound than "Satellite", by my favourite band right now. I reckon I like them because of their passion and energy and good quality musicianship.
 One (Paul Colman Trio) - their latest, taking Olivia to see them in concert on Friday (their last concert as a band?) and a decent pop album. The best song is "One". PC3 is one of my top 5 bands, we have the last 4 albums (not the live ones) and have been to see them twice before. Their concert is great entertainment, I think one of the most appealing things though is Paul's uncompromising message for the church - which is really for me!
 Offerings 2 (Third Day) - Olivia and I loved Offerings 1, which together with Offerings 2 are Third Day's "worship" albums. Simey gave me a lend of this CD months ago, and I listened to it solid for one week, so I was glad to add it to my collection. The highlights are the live tracks (especially "Nothing Compares").
 New Map Of The World (Paul Colman Trio) - remixes of PC3 songs. I didn't think I'd like this one - bought it on special for $17.99 - but it has really grown on me.

So that's primarily what I've been choosing to listen to, in addition to occasional Jennifer Knapp (The Way I Am), Newsboys (Adoration, Thrive) and Sons of Korah (Shelter, Redemption Songs).

As an aside - hardly any of these articts/bands tour Australia (how am I gonna see DC Talk in concert?)


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