Accountability Questions

I was introduced to accountability by my friend Jarrod. The concept was: get a couple of blokes meeting once a week (we met over breakfast, and I didn't know any of the others for starters except to say hello to) for about an hour, eat, and talk about our week using some accountability questions.

For the first 6 months we each used questions that we'd devised ourselves with some common threads. After 6 or so months (I think we'd lost a group member by then) we switched to some other questions and a format called "Life Transformation Groups" (LTG's). Maybe 8 or 9 months later (we'd lost another guy, and it was down to two of us) we used a set of questions from Pat Morley, sometimes read a chapter of a book and chatted about that, and set ourselves a goal of 8 chapters of the Bible a week.

The group of two eventually dissolved after another 8 or so months. I now go to church with 3 of the 4 group starters and know them a whole lot better, and I don't have an accountability group happening right now. I wonder, was the whole thing a fad? I also wonder, could I do that sort of a group via e-mail or phone, or would it be better in person?

I'm currently reading Pat Morley's Man in the Mirror and he values accountability very highly, in relationships, faith and work.

So to my purpose: a very useful list of different accountability questions from The Journey (via Darren).

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