Things I Read Today, Tuesday December 23rd

Merry Christmas! I read some good stuff today:

  • Tech-talk inside Microsoft - a real list of terms and definitions heard in the corridors of Microsoft, from a Microsoft bulletin. My favorites: "treeware" (printed documentation), "ohnosecond" (that minuscule fraction of time in which you realize that you've just made a big mistake) and "irritainment" (entertainment and media spectacles that are annoying, but you find yourself unable to stop watching them).

  • U2 Sermons - I have a friend who's a big U2 fan. This site is the blog for the book "Get Up Off Your Knees", which is apparently about using U2's music to aid preaching the gospel and keeping in touch with modern culture.

  • Ten Tips For A Better Weblog - via The Ooze.

  • Five Geek Social Fallacies - again, via The Ooze. Relates to people who aren't geeks as well (Simey, see any here that apply to you?) All five of these social behaviours apply to me at different times.

  • An interactive Nativity Puzzle - get the order of the pieces right and view the full story at the Drag and Drop Nativity Puzzle - from the site: "It's a story that has refugees, a trigger-happy ruler and murder on the streets. The story of how Jesus was born is often made to sound sugary-sweet, with muzak carols playing in supermarkets, but the original story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus was tough and dangerous..." This whole site looks good...


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