Things I Read Today, Monday December 1st

First, Happy Birthday Mum!

Today I saw some interesting IT-related links that were noteworthy:

  • has a new SandBar toolbar and menu control to emulate the look & feel of Microsoft Office 2003. If you're a programmer, free controls like these are invaluable when putting together slick-looking applications. I just came across something similar in the free Microsoft VB.NET Resource Kit which is the ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for .NET. I'll be interested in trying both out, and for me there's no harm in downloading another control/sample/demo.

  • Samsung says it will overtake Nokia news item at Neowin. I have a Samsung phone, and while it's great it's nowhere near as usable as our previous Nokia (for instance, cancelling some actions takes you back out to the start screen, necessitating more menu navigation to get back where you were, and the main menu does not list all the available options - you need to remember which keys to push). However I have a vested interest in all things Korean since some of my favorite people are there. Go Samsung!

  • SingleDrive is like Windows Explorer except it groups folders from different drives together. The best explanation is found on the creator's site -
    • I've been acquiring new hard drives over the years as I rip more CDs, take more photos, etc. As you'd imagine, it gets harder to keep track of what is where, what's worth keeping, what's not, etc. I finally lost it yesterday and took a few hours to write something to create a single virtual drive. It's nothing fancy like a file system driver, but simply a Windows Explorer-like app that shows all of the drives you want (including networked drives) as a single drive...
I hope you enjoy reading!

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