Rediscovering mission and church in our own backyard

"Hamo" commented on one of my blog entries, and I tracked him back to his blog, which had among other things a really interesting article titled I Don't Believe:
Over the last few months I have become increasingly convinced that a Sunday morning service is not the way we are going to help the majority of Aussie connect with God.
What a major statement. I'm sure others are saying it too. I reckon there's a place (and a need) for a "church service", but I am realising that the stuff that goes on the other 6.5 days of the week is so important.

For instance, I miss accountability group. That used to be one morning a week of a couple of guys catching up and talking about what was going on. It stopped last May, and I have been ostensibly taking a break since then, but as I talked about this issue with Olivia, I realised I really missed my Wednesday morning time. As my 2-year-old son says, "oh well".

I also love music practice. That too can be a time of bonding and teamwork (which sometimes doesn't happen during the actual service), but also a time of personal praise and worship. There's plenty of other times during the week I would classify as "spiritual", that can be formal or informal and have a great impact on my Christian walk with God.

Hamo, thanks for getting me thinking. Subscribed.

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