Christmas was great. There's no baby yet, though.

It actually started for me a couple of days before the big day. Tuesday night before Christmas I took my mate Jarrod to the movies for his birthday, and we stayed around Chadstone for some late-night shopping. So many people!

The next day was Christmas Eve and my boss let us go home early after a departmental lunch. Olivia and T.J. picked me up from work, we went home and had showers, and then off to Ted and Maryke's (Olivia's parents) for dinner. A fantastic night, with a wondrous array of foods and lots of little kids running around getting excited, and getting the adults excited about the whole "santa" thing too! Home by about midnight.

Christmas morning we woke up at 6:45 (no alarm) and we unwrapped our presents to each other on our bed, as a family - a great way to start the day, I reckon, especially with our 2-year-old. Olivia got me a chess set and the Lord of the Rings novel. I got her "Sweet Home Alabama" on DVD, and a new sunhat. TJ got a musical keyboard (his uncle Simey will be proud). Next was off to breakfast with my parents and brothers, where we also unwrap our presents to each other. I love breakfast at my parents, and I'm glad my Mum didn't can it this year. I consider Olivia, T.J. and the (as yet unborn) baby as my immediate family who need to come first, but I want to keep up the strong relationship I have with my 3 brothers and parents.

Church, then lunch with my Mum's side of the family, follow. Cold meats, about 10 or 12 different types of salad (I swear you wouldn't see them any other time of the year), lots of lollies and the Christmas Pudding, complete with shillings and pennies cooked in. I didn't even eat too much this time! Lunch flows over into dinner where some relatives from my Dad's side of the family join us, and then we headed home about 9:00pm.

A great day! Thankyou Lord for family, for children, for relationships! I have to wonder, in reviewing what I just wrote (and am still writing), am I getting enough out of Christmas? I mean, am I commemorating a long-gone historic event or celebrating an ongoing event?

So how does this compare to your Christmas?

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