What is Blogging Revisited

Ever since I've got into reading blogs, and considered writing one, I kind of felt like blogging is like standing on a street corner with a megaphone, yelling words up into the air. It seems in some ways to be detached. Chat Rooms (which I have visited but once, for two minutes) are semi-personal; e-mail (when it's not spam) is fairly personal. Phone calls and face-to-face contact maybe round off the list.

Not that the aim is to have someone in your face all the time. I just reckon that it's hard to write as if both no-one and anyone could read what you write at the same time.

I maybe have a different slant on this as according to this online test I'm introverted (Hey, I tend to agree with the test. So does my wife!)

Darren at LivingRoom writes:

Every day we're bombarded by people baring their all. Blogging is just part of the mix of reality TV, celebrity exposés and live news being beamed into our living-rooms round the clock. We have become a voyeuristic society - we clamor for the inside word, to see the real lives of others, yet at the same time are becoming more and more numb to it all.

He sums up with a final question:

In our obsession to see into the lives of others do we somehow run the risk of disengaging from our own?

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