Things I Read Today, Wednesday November 12th

I had both an uplifting time and a good laugh at some of the stuff I read today. I found three other Christian bloggers (one of who is into IT, one who's an Aussie), and who have some good stuff on their blogs:

Also found some funny stuff:

Hey, I also read "Around The World In 80 Days" today (well most of it today, until I finished it at 2:30 this morning). Cool!

Lastly, I play guitar, and one site I found (via What It's All About) was a Third Day guitar tab site at I'm still confused about the legality of tab music sites, as I've seen so many of them shut down or crippled by being forced to remove music. Hmmm...

I should have attached the following warning to the front of this post:
Warning: this is not IT related.

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